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October 15-16, 2020

About the Congress

The International Congress “Information technologies in medicine” will take place in Moscow on October 14-15, 2021.

The current event is the main annual event in the field of Healthcare Informatization in Russia, East Europe and Middle Asia (attended by over 1,100 professionals from at least 5 foreign countries and 80 regions of Russia in 2018). These include executives responsible for development of IT technologies in health care from Federal departments and regions, representatives of leading developers and system integrators. The official language of the Congress is Russian.

The whole event is being held simultaneously in three dimensions: first of all there is traditional scientific conference format with presentations, reports and debates. Secondly, there is the exhibition with its business activities: delivering talks, viewing and comparing working solutions, establishing direct and substantive dialogue. Lastly, there is a backstage part where customers and developers have a chance to communicate with colleagues directly in an informal way, share experiences, establish new contacts and strengthen the existing partnerships.

The Congress will be held for the twentieth time, and has traditionally become a place where coordinators of the regional informatization and services related to medical statistics, insurance and technical support, and of course all software developers of the industry meet and communicate.

“CONSEF” organizes all events related to the exhibition and the conference. The Federal Research Institute for Health Organization and Informatization of Ministry of Health of Russian Federation acts as a co-organizer of scientific program.

Traditionally, heads of relevant departments of the Ministry of Health of Russia, Ministry of Defence of Russia, the Federal Medical and Biological Agency, Roskomnadzor, Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund, Federal Research Institute for Health Organization and Informatization, National Association of Medical Informatics, Russian Association of Artificial Intelligence, The Higher School of Economics University, relevant federal departments, ministries and health authorities from different regions of Russia participated in the event.

The official website of the event:

Scientific program of #ITM2021 will be focused upon the following topics:

  • Digital healthcare. Development trends. Regulatory, legal and technological support for information exchange in the field of health. Integration.
  • Medical statistics, analytics, quality and effectiveness of medical aid.
  • Software and services supporting decision-making in health care. The use of artificial intelligence in software products developed for medical purposes. Solutions and applications. Evaluation of effectiveness.

As well as:

  • EHR: its features, integration and development
  • The use of telecommunications and mobile technologies in health care.
  • Medical software registration
  • IT technologies in medical education system
  • Common and specialized IT-solutions for medical organizations of different level and focus. Specialized software and support systems. Platforms and environment, where specialized IT-systems can be created.

Main topics of the exhibition:

  • Specialized local information systems and integrated use.
  • Integrated information solutions to the healthcare system and individual institutions of different levels.
  • Modern equipment for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, which uses computer systems and processes medical information.
  • Telemedicine, online medicine, cell monitoring.

Uniqueness and specific features of the event:

It shall be underlined that all research results mentioned in the reports and discussions held during the Congress are dedicated to solutions of the urgent problems and thus have a very clear practical meaning. Participants of the Congress are executives and employees in medical institutions who are in charge of implementing IT technologies in healthcare and social sphere. This helps to bring together scientific basis and implementation practices.

The scientific journal “Physicians and IT” (VAK, RSCI, RSI) will publish an annual edition based on materials presented during the Scientific Conference “Information technologies in medicine.”

Also, the final stage of the exhibition will be organized as a competition between developers in health informatics to identify the “Best Medical Information System 2021”. The results and relevant materials will be published afterwards.

This year we plan to organize more than 90 reports and discussions during the Congress, where federal and regional coordinators responsible for healthcare informatization, leading national medical information system developers, scientists, physicians, teachers, experts of the field and professional associations will meet.

Registration of participants and acceptance of applications for reports in the framework of the XXI annual international Congress #ITM '20 is open.

The annual international Congress "Information technologies in medicine" #ITM " 20 will be held on October 15-16, 2020 in the Congress center of the Cosmos hotel, 150 Mira Ave., Moscow.
List of main issues of the scientific program:
Digital healthcare. National and regional health information systems. Integration. Status and tasks.
Current issues of medical statistics.
Regulatory, legal and technological support for information interaction in the health sector. State registration of medical SOFTWARE.
Complex automation of medical organizations. Specialized medical information systems.
ITMDev-platforms and environments for creating information systems and applications in the health sector.
Decision support systems in healthcare.Solutions for monitoring and optimizing clinical diagnostic processes.
Electronic medical records are a key element of information interaction, its elements, integration, and development.
Improving efficiency in the digital healthcare environment. Models, flexible approach, project management.
The use of telecommunications, mobile and WEB technologies in the provision of medical care.
Information technologies in the system of continuous professional education of health care workers.
End-to-end it technologies in healthcare (Blockchain, AR, VR, IOT, GIS, Biometrics, Machine learning, Cloud computing).Practical use opportunities and application practices.
Specialized symposia, conferences, workshops and round tables.